Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Questions

Q. How long does an M6 O2 tank last on liters with conserving device?
A. Please review the Tank Duration Chart.

Q. How can I keep the tubing from my O2 tank from kinking up?
A. If you have a Cannula plus tubing, the swivel connector should help control this. If there are still issues, close your hand with the bottom of your shirt inside your palm and run the length of the tubing through it. This will help to straighten the tubing out and stop it from curling.

Q. How many extensions can you put on an O2 concentrator?
A. Extension cords = None. It should be run straight to the wall outlet.

Tubing from the nose to the cannula = 50 ft. Any more than this and the oxygen loses its concentration on its way to the patient's nostrils.

Q. Can you use O2 bottles lying down?
A. Yes you can. The cylinders can be used in any position. The concentrator, however, should always remain right-side-up.

Q. I feel like I’m suffocating or can’t get enough air when I use my CPAP?
A. This sensation can be caused by a few things. It could be that you need to be in a different machine. For instance, many patients find that breathing against a steady stream of air difficult, especially if their pressure setting is high or they have other respiratory problems; therefore these patients may need something called a Bilevel machine (BiPAP) rather than a CPAP machine. The feeling of not getting enough air may also be caused by a mask leak, which can be easily corrected by replacing your mask or cushions/pillows. Please contact the Continuing Care Department so that we may help determine which solution will best fix this problem.

Q. Why does my tubing have water in it when I wake up in the morning?
A. That water is from condensation caused by the air flowing through your tubing being warmer than the ambient temperature of the air around it. There are a few ways to help alleviate this problem. Try turning down your humidifier setting. If you find that the lower setting does not provide you with enough moisture to comfortably use your sleep therapy unit, turn the setting back up and try insulating your tubing. You can insulate your tubing by wrapping it with a lightweight fabric or by tucking the tubing under your covers. Also available are manufactured tubing wraps. These wraps make insulating tubing easy. They come with either a Velcro or zip closure and are easy to clean, but most importantly, they are designed specifically to help eliminate condensation in your CPAP tubing. For more information on available tubing wraps, please contact a DASCO representative at 855-442-7912.

Q. My mask is making a loud noise.
A. This typically occurs with a large leak. Most often the cushion or pillow has become worn and needs to be replaced. Mask liners might also help resolve leaking.

Q. My mask won't stay in place or has lost its fit.
A. Masks and headgear are considered disposable. Over time, facial oils and repeated washing will cause your head gear to stretch out and your mask to lose its seal. Shifting and rubbing can lead to irritation and leaks can results in diminished therapy. Contact our customer service department at 1-800-892-4044 or email us at to place your supply order.

Q. I wake up with dry mouth or throat.
A. Try increasing your heat or humidity setting. If adjustments to your humidifier don’t resolve the problem, you might need a chin strap or full face mask (if you do not currently user one). If you experience a large amount of condensation in your tubing, you could be losing most of the moisture from your humidifier before it reaches your mask. Refer to the “water in my tubing” troubleshooting section. Keep in mind, many medications can also cause dry mouth. If this problem persists, contact your physician.

Q. I’m claustrophobic.
A. It may take some time to adjust to your sleep therapy equipment. It is not uncommon for acclamation to take 30 days or more. Anxiety about wearing your equipment is normal. Try wearing your machine during the day while watching TV or reading. If desensitization techniques don’t help, please contact DASCO for other available options.

Q. I wake up with sinus pressure or congestion.
A. Try different settings on your humidifier (up and/or down). In a few cases, patients have found eliminating the humidifier can also help, especially those prone to sinus problems. If problems persist, contact DASCO or your physician for further troubleshooting.

Q. My mask causes skin indentations, irritation, or sores.
A. It is not uncommon to experience some irritation during the first few weeks of therapy. Your skin will need some time to adjust. For nasal or full face masks, try using cloth mask liners to create a soft barrier. For those using nasal pillows, a water based lubricant (like KY Jelly) can help reduce direct contact with the skin. If you continue to experience these problems beyond the first few weeks, contact DASCO customer service department to schedule a mask re-fit appointment.

Billing Questions

Q. What if my patient doesn't have insurance?
A. DASCO understands the positive impact home medical equipment can have on your patients quality of life; therefore, we make every effort to ensure your patient gets what he/she needs. We offer payment plans, reduced pricing for those who qualify, and refurbished equipment options. We also provide your patients with information on available government assistance programs. It's all part of DASCO's promise to help people breathe, sleep, and feel better. Give us a try! Please contact a DASCO billing representative at 855-564-9014.

General Questions

Q. Why should I send my Sleep Therapy patient to DASCO?
A. At DASCO, we understand the important role sleep therapy plays in overall health, and therefore, have made sleep therapy one of our main focuses. When you send a sleep therapy patient to DASCO, you can expect a level of care that is second to none. Our highly trained health care professionals take their time to thoroughly explain the equipment, why usage is so important, how to use and properly maintain the equipment, what interface options are available, and what the patient may experience while adjusting to the machine. We offer in-office or in-home set ups at the patient's convenience. We carry a large variety of sleep equipment from the major manufacturers as well as some less common ones.

Additionally, DASCO makes it a top priority to follow-up with each patient 7-10 days after they receive the equipment and offer follow-up reports at your request to keep you informed of their progress. We know the 7-10 day window is a critical time in determining whether or not a patient will continue with therapy. We follow-up again at day 60 and then offer to follow-up every 90 days throughout the life of the patient's therapy.

DASCO's patients are not limited on the number of mask re-fits or re-instruction appointments they can schedule. Our health care professionals will spend as much time as necessary with your patient to ensure they are as comfortable as possible and using their machine nightly. We do everything in our power to continue the same level of excellence once you pass their care to us. Give DASCO a try!

Q. Where can I get a copy of DASCO's Privacy Notice?
A. You can download a copy right here DASCO Privacy Notice

Q. Where can I find a copy of the Medicare Supplier Standards?
A. You can download a copy right here Medicare Supplier Standards

Q. How can I apply for a job?
A. Forward your resume along with an application (Application for employment.pdf) to .

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